Chromoplasts Chromatin Extraction Kit -Epigentek

Product Overview

The ChromaFlash Chromatin Extraction Package deal is a complete set of optimized buffers and reagents for isolating chromatin or DNA-protein superior from mammalian cells or tissues in a straightforward and quick format. Chromatin prepared by this bundle could be utilized in various chromatin immunoprecipitation methods. Moreover it’s the actually helpful methodology for buying chromatin required by Epigentek’s one-hour ChIP methodology using the ChromaFlash One-Step ChIP Package deal. The isolated chromatin may also be utilized in several chromatin-related features equal to in vitro protein-DNA binding assays and nuclear enzyme assays.

  • Terribly fast course of: your complete course of from cell/tissue sample to ready-to-use chromatin is decrease than 60 minutes.
  • Helpful and versatile: the bundle is acceptable for preparing every native chromatin and cross-linked chromatin from monolayer or suspension cells or tissues.
  • Unsheared chromatin makes it customizable for quite a few analysis workflows that require each intact or fragmented chromatin, along with ChIP, in vitro protein-DNA interaction analysis, nuclear enzyme assay, and so forth.


Starting Provides & Enter Amount
Starting provides can embrace quite a few tissue or cell samples equal to cells from flask or microplate cultured cells, up to date and frozen tissues, and so forth. The amount of cells and tissues for each preparation might be 1 x 105 to 5 x 106 cells and 10 mg to 200 mg, respectively. For optimum preparation, the enter amount should be 1 to 5 x 106 cells or 50 to 200 mg tissues.  Yield of chromatin is roughly 4 ug per 106  cells or per 50 mg tissues.

Background Information
Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) offers an advantageous gadget for locating out protein-DNA interaction. With ChIP, the experimenter can resolve if a specific protein binds to the exact sequences of a gene in residing cells by combining it with PCR (ChIP-PCR), microarray (ChIP-chip), or sequencing (ChIP-Seq) strategies. For example, the measurement of the amount of methylated histone H3 at lysine 9 (meH3-K9) associated to a specific gene promoter space beneath quite a few conditions might be achieved by way of a ChIP-PCR assay, whereas recruitment of meH3-K9 to the promoters on a genome-wide scale might be detected by ChIP-chip. Notably, a ChIP methodology with specific antibodies straight in direction of quite a few transcriptional parts is broadly in demand.

Principle & Course of
The ChromaFlash™ Plant Chromatin Extraction Package deal accommodates the entire reagents required for ending up a worthwhile chromatin extraction straight from vegetation. Cell membranes of the sample, with or with out cross-linking, are broken down using the equipped lysis buffer. Chromatin or DNA-protein superior is then extracted with the extraction buffer. The extracted chromatin can then be diluted with chromatin buffer and saved on the relevant temperature.

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